Search Engine Positioning Service is a Search Engine Firm located in Tampa, Florida who specializes in positioning clients of ours in highly competitive markets. We position restaurants, photographers, food, and everything in between.

Search Engine Positioning Service's clientele are a very select group of businesses who all have been proven to have their clients' best interests at heart, and are upstanding businesses with ties to their local community. We do not allow shady businesses into our family, as we don't want to be associated with unethical or immoral individuals or companies; neither do our clients, or theirs for that matter! strives to provide you, the browser, with an accurate listing of all the businesses who fit our criteria in and around the Tampa Bay Area, as well as nationwide. As such, our list is constantly being updated and improved, and by signing up with our services will help not only to provide a more accurate listing of local Tampa and Florida businesses, but it will also assist you and your business by serving to generate high quality back links to your website from other trusted websites and businesses.